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How to calculate your ideal scope ring height: 
1. Determine the outside diameter of scope's objective lens (measure the greatest diameter of the scope's housing at the objective lens with a micrometer).
2. From that measurement then subtract the diameter of the scope tube.  
3. Divide that number by two. That figure will give you the ring height necessary for the scope's objective lens housing to set flush on the tallest part of your rifle's receiver.  
4. Subtract the amount of space where the barrel slopes away from the front and tallest portion of the receiver at the location where the objective lens will be positioned above the barrel once mounted.    
5. Add space for lens covers.  
6. Add space for the scope to have clearance above the barrel. That figure will give you your ideal ring (eg. combined ring/base) height that you need for that particular rifle/scope combination. That height is measured from the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle.
Your ideal ring height as determined above is for the FRONT ring (closest to the muzzle).  If you are using Talley Steel Rings and Bases then the height of the base has to be combined with the height of the ring.  With the Talley Alloy Mounts the height of the mount is already combined with the base portion of the mount.  Keep your measurements either in inches and decimal parts of an inch or in millimeters.   Ring Heights are normally measured from the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle.  Tactical Rings for use with a picatinny base are normally measured from the center of the ring to the contact point of the rail.
Important things to keep in mind:
The scope must not touch the barrel and the bolt handle must clear the scope's eye-piece when the bolt handle is cycled.  When you shoulder your rifle and establish a firm but comfortable cheek weld your eye wants to naturally be looking through the center line of the scope.  The space between the scope and the barrel is irrelevant other than the things mentioned above.
Further information can be found at the Talley Manufacturing website about torque settings, lapping rings etc by clicking on the following link: TALLEY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
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