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                              We sell only quality shooting gloves from ahg Anschütz and Kurt Thune.



There is only one way to test the feeling of a glove. On the inside. Borrow different types from friends on the shooting range and test with your own rifle in shooting positio. What kind of padding and cut fits you best? Don’t try very old gloves as the padding gets thin and flat over time due to the pressure from the rifle and the sling, this will happen even in a good quality glove with enough use!


In standing a tighter glove may support the wrist better. In prone and kneeling positions a glove that is too tight can increase the negative effect of the pulse, especially in hot weather when the hand expands a bit. Some of the worlds best shooters use not only different models but sometimes also different sizes of gloves in prone/kneeling and standing.


The climate you’re shooting in may decide this. With a short-finger glove it’s easier to change paper targets or load an air-rifle if your prefer to do this with your left hand. A good glove protects the hand from the pressure of both rifle and sling without transmitting pulse to the rifle. Most top shooters choose different type of glove for standing and prone/kneeling. The shooting glove is the most individual piece of equipment to choose!


Solid Long


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