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F27A Benchrest BR-50 Walnut
ahg Anschutz F27A Benchrest BR-50 Walnut
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F27A with a BR-50 benchrest stock 
Innovation, Precision and Passion for Quality!
Precision with the famous Peter Fortner straight pull action. Proven year after year with Biathletes all over the world as the gold standard, now availible in a target shooting single load action developed by ahg Anschütz and Fortner. Outstanding precision, build quality and oh so smooth action to keep you in the 10 ring. With a lock time of 3.5 to 4 ms unmatched and allows the shooter high accuracy.
F27A Fortner designed Action:
The Fortner System straight pull action, used for years by Biathletes is used in F27A models. The Bolt  locks by seven ball bearings. The technical requirements, such as tight tolerances and the type of lock ensure a "buttery", almost noiseless lock gear. The short closing stroke allows an incredibly fast repetition. The arrangement of extractor claw and cartridge holder ensure a reliable extraction of the empty cartridge case. The one-piece firing pin has a stop surface to prevent damage when dry firing. The sturdy closure sleeve made of steel, combined with a thick-walled match barrel, ensure the highest precision results.
This highly accurate small bore target rifle with straight pull action has been developed in close cooperation with experienced target shooters and the knowledge resulting from it. The use of high quality material combined with solid and tried and tested technology offers the precision necessary to be successful not only to top class shooters.
Bedded in a non stained BR 50 walnut stock with a wide, flat , forend.
Barrel Length 660mm
weight   approx. 4,3 kg
Photos of test target are from the rife currently in stock. 5 Shot grouping, 50m, using RWS R50
Item Nr.: 101-F27A-660-BR

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