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Barrel Cleaner Felts Cal.22, .222, .223, .224 / 5.50mm - Qty 80
VFG Weapon Care Barrel Cleaner Felts Cal.22, .222, .223, .224 / 5.50mm - Qty 80
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VFG barrel cleaners made of pure woollen felt are used for final cleaning, oiling and degreasing and are minimally larger than the actual calibre of the weapon. This means that the woollen felt element is squeezed together on being pushed through the barrel, so optimally and completely removing all the dirt.
Barrel cleaners are provided with a pre-punched hole in the centre. One barrel cleaner is screwed tightly onto the adapter and another one slipped on loose onto the metric thread. On moving through the barrel, the loose felt cleaner picks up the heavy dirt and is pushed out of the barrel. When the cleaning rod is pulled back, the soiled, loosely attached cleaner simply falls off, preventing the dirt from being spread about within the barrel. The screwed-on cleaner then completes the cleaning process.
Item Nr.: 625-VFG 66813-519  -Cal .22, .222, .223, .224 / 5.50mm 80 pcs

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