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SPY Cromo
MEC-Centra SPY Cromo
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Titanium and Stainless Steel...
The "Spy Cromo" is fashioned from a combination of exceptional materials. The chassis is made from stainless steel, while the tower – the core element for height adjustment – is made of titanium. Titanium is a very special material that delivers enormous tensile strength but is still light in weight. For example, when shooting a big-bore gun such as 6mm BR at 300m, the rearsight is subjected to severe stresses and acceleration. That is why we developed a high-strength chassis and lightweight tower combination that can easily withstand such punishment. you only need hold it in your hands to realise the mechanical qualities and high-end build of this rearsight.
  • 24 clicks per turn (0.02 mm per click)
  • 0.2 mm per click at 10 m
  • 1 mm per click at 50 m
  • 2 mm per click at 100 m
  • 6 mm per click at 300 m
  • Includes anti-glare tube for accommodating additional sight elements such as duplex inserts, coloured filters and polarisers
Picture show additional accessories Centra Duplex Vario.
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