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Colt Canada/Diemaco SAS 15.7 Rifle
Colt Canada Colt Canada/Diemaco SAS 15.7 Rifle
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Colt Canada British Special Air Services (SAS) 15.7"  3rd Gen Integrated Upper Receiver with the Iconic Colt Canada/Diemaco semi lower with Magpul furniture.
  • GEN 3 (current PRODUCTION Military) Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR):  
  • Made for the UK Special Forces (SAS/SBS, etc.)
  • Interchangeable fit on all Mil-Spec “push pin" lowers;
  • Fully floating barrel system;
  • Dry film lubricated bolt carrier channel;
  • Screw retained (easily maintained) low profile gas block (under the handguard for safety);
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized black;
  • IUR is marked COLT CANADA 2C085 and NATO on the rail;
  • Straight gas tube to increase life and ease of installation.
  • Ambidextrous Sling Plate
  • Colt Canada 2H Buffer
  • 6 Position Buffer Tube
  • Magpul MOE Butstock (M400)
  • Magpul MOE+ Pistol Grip (M416)
  • 5 round magazine
  • Accu-Wedge Buffer
  • Colt Canada Std Mil Spec Chargfing Handle
  • Full Canadian Forces specification (Military configuration) bolt carrier assembly;
  • Proof tested, MPI inspected, and lot number controlled bolt;
  • CF spec high retention staking of the carrier key;
  • Chrome lined carrier and key for wear resistance;
  • Chromed firing pin.
Item Nr.: SAS15

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