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Colt Canada British Special Air Services (SAS) 3rd Gen Integrated Upper Receiver’s
Colt Canada Colt Canada British Special Air Services (SAS) 3rd Gen Integrated Upper Receiver’s
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Colt Canada British Special Air Services (SAS) 3rd Gen Integrated Upper Receiver’s

GEN 3 (current PRODUCTION Military) Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR):  
Made for the UK Special Forces (SAS/SBS, etc.)
Interchangeable fit on all Mil-Spec “push pin" lowers;
Fully floating barrel system;
Dry film lubricated bolt carrier channel;
Screw retained (easily maintained) low profile gas block (under the handguard for safety);
Mil-Spec hard anodized black;
IUR is marked COLT CANADA 2C085 and NATO on the rail;
Straight gas tube to increase life and ease of installation.
Iconic “Colt Canada” cold hammer forged in your choice of 10.5” or 15.7” fully chrome lined barrel;
Canadian Forces Spec thicker chrome;
Phosphated to Mil-Spec;
Improved integral forged carbine chamber;
Colt Canada hammer forged choke bore;
1/7” twist RH/ 6 groove NATO approved bore;
Batch marked barrel and barrel extension;
High pressure tested HPT and magnetic particle inspection MPI as per Canadian Mil-Spec;
Anti corrosion coating applied under the handguards;
New liner to improve thermal protection of hands.
Standard C7/C7A1/C8/C8A2 type half birdcage for compensation and flash reduction.
Full top and bottom rails (10.5” 37 top and 19 bottom, 15.7” 46 top and 28 bottom);
Reinforced grenade launcher recoil lug;
The side rails are partially railed with 10 slot front accessory mounting point and slotted sling fitting on each side
Rail slots are numbered with laser engraving;
The rails are NATO STANAG 4694 spec and are back compatible with MIL-STD-1913 accessories;
Protected low profile gas block;
IUR has a hardened steel insert for the cocking handle latch to resist wear with enlarged tactical latches
Full Canadian Forces specification (Military configuration) bolt carrier assembly;
Proof tested, MPI inspected, and lot number controlled bolt;
CF spec high retention staking of the carrier key;
Chrome lined carrier and key for wear resistance;
Chromed firing pin.
7075 forged charging handle, machined and inspected to DND specifications.
Heat treated and phosphated extended “tactical” latch for ambidextrous operation.
Particularly advised if mounting an optical sight as it can be operated one handed from either side.
Latch is permanently retained by a double staked solid pin
10.5” Integrated Upper Receiver (INCLUDES BCA+CH) 
15.7” Integrated Upper Receiver ( INCLUDES BCA+CH) 
Item Nr.:
CC-UKSF10 (10.5")
CC-UKSF15 (15.7")
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