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Biathlon Barrel Extension
Fortner Biathlon Barrel Extension
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World Cup quality products designed by and manufactured by Peter Fortner in Germany !  These are specifically designed

These are specifically designed for the Anschütz 1827 Fortner. Simply remove your front sight and slide this onto the end of your barrel, tighten's to your barrel via two hex bolts, you then slide your front sight assy on the end of it. Simple to put on and take off.

A "bloop tube" or extension tube increases the sight radius on a rifle, resulting in a better focal distance, thereby making sighting easier from an optical standpoint. The two side benefits are that the rear sight adjustments also become finer (due to simple trig), and it also allows you to see your movement better.

They were originally developed by international style 3-position and prone shooters for better aiming purposes as stated above.

Item Nr.: PF-1827F-95 

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