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64 Biathlon Sprint Nitrate
Anschutz 64 Biathlon Sprint Nitrate
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After 3 years in the works with J.G. Anschütz we have, at last a Biathlon trainer designed for the Canadian Market. Thanks to Biathlon Canada for their continued interest in the project and for the push to bring an entry level rifle to our market. A portion of the sale of each rifle goes to Biathlon Canada to assist building Champions!
Only available at Nordic Marksman!
Model 64 Biathlon Sprint Nitride
The design concept was to bring to market a biathlon rifle with an excellent price/performance ratio utilizing as many components from the 1827F as possible. Designed for the seasoned Athlete, Master or a Junior starting in the sport or even the weekend warrior!  Makes an exceptional Club trainer as well with a budget in mind! Transition from this rifle to the 1827F will be seamless for the up and coming athlete! The foundation is the Match 64 action. A proven design, complete with the world famous Anschutz Sport Service support. Mated to a nitrated sprint barrel copied from the 1827F and mounted in a lightweight special Walnut stock. This combination makes the rifle lighter and the center of gravity is closer to the body. The weight is 3.6 kg.
Cold-tested barrels guarantee an excellent shooting performance even at extreme temperatures of -20°C. The rifle is equipped with a nitrated precision sprint target barrel and includes the 1827F special front sight with snow cover, which prevents snow deposits on the sight and which can be opened and closed quickly.
Based on the renowned 64 match barreled action in cal. .22 l.r. Equipped with a match two stage adjustable trigger and  sprint nitate precision target barrel.  Bolt action with cam cocking system, claw extractor with additional cartridge holder and ejector An 11 mm grooved receiver for site mounting. A lateral sliding safety blocks the trigger. The rifle can be loaded and unloaded in the safe position. The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety.
Match 64 modifications were carried out in the area of the receiver. The external diameter was enlarged from 25 mm to 26 mm. This modification entails some advantages. The weight of the receiver was increased by 12 % which makes the barreled action more rigid. In addition the locking surface is enlarged by 15 % which leads to even more safety for the shooter when firing the shot.
Designed for the seasoned Athlete, Master or a Junior starting in the sport or even the weekend warrior! The Special Biathlon Canada lightweight Walnut stock borrows some design elements from its big brother, the 1827F including the buttplate and cheekrest. Fully adjustable to quickly dial in a comfortable position. As well, the stock comes with the same rails for the carry harness and handstop. The Walnut stock, has a special finish for better grip and weather protection. Biathlon Canada Logo laser etched in the buttstock.
Biathlon front sight 6865, one 5-shot magazine, Butt Hook, 1827 type magazine release lever, Magazine cassette for mounting 4 magazines, screw driver, Allan key and manual with original test target.
Photos are pre-production prototype and shown with optional accessories (6827 Rear sight set, rear sight riser 004450 and spare magazines)
Item Nr.: 014343


Caliber: .22 l.r.
Barreled action:  Match 64 Biathlon
Magazine capacity: 5-shot
Magazine weight : 30,6 g
Trigger Two stage trigger: 5092
Trigger weight: 800 g (Range of adjustment 550 – 950 g )
Length of stock: 705 mm
Length of pull: 315 – 355 mm
Barrel length: 535 mm
Muzzle diameter: 19 mm
Length of barreled action: 685 mm
Length of aiming: 685 mm
Total length: 960 – 1000 mm
Total weight approx: 3583 g

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