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Steyr L9-A1 9x19
Steyr Arms Steyr L9-A1 9x19
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The Full Size Service Pistol from Steyr Arms, the L-A1 Series
Demo Pistol, exactly 50 rds fired. As new.
Following a long tradition and history of pistol manufacturing and innovation, STEYR Pistols are world-famous for their future-orientated design, technology as well as ultimate ergonomics and precision. 
STEYR products are unbeatable in quality and reliability. Due to their world-wide acclaim of producing the most accurate and durable military, self-defence and hunting firearms, it’s no surprise that the pistol series meet these standards as well. 
100% corrosion resistance with MANNOX® surface - the innovative surface treatment found on the barrel and slide is a plasma nitrated finish, the same finish found on the Iconic Steyr AUG, abused by militaries around the world.
Cold Hammer Forged Barrel - with traditional land-and-groove rifling.
Low Bore Axis- unmatched ergonomics for best pointing characteristics
MANNOX® Plasma Nitrated Surface
Advanced Synthetic's– STEYR ARMS has long been known as the leader in the utilisation of advanced synthetics for firearms.
Automatic Trigger- Drop - Firing Pin Safety Mechanism 
Integrated Limited Access Lock - The integrated locking function is activated by a key and prevents firing and disassembling of the pistol.
Ships With:
Hard Case
Owners Manual
Item Nr.: 102-39.621.2K3
RPAL Required – Requires a valid RPAL to purchase-RESTRICTED FIREARM
Export-Restricted – Cannot ship outside of Canada.

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