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Radical Firearms 5.56 NATO/300 AAC Melonite Bolt Carrier Group
Radical Firearms Radical Firearms 5.56 NATO/300 AAC Melonite Bolt Carrier Group
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The Radical Firearms 5.56 NATO / 300 BLK Bolt Carrier Group features an M16 pattern 8620 tool steel carrier with 9310 alloy steel bolt, shot-peened for increased surface strength and durability. Each bolt is equipped with an extractor booster to ensure reliable cycling during rapid semi-auto or full-auto fire. 
A properly staked gas key prevents gas leakage that can lead to short stroking. Each assembly is magnetic particle inspected to ensure it is free from defects that can lead to premature failures. Melonite finish for maximum corrosion resistance.
Bolt Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
Bolt Material: 9310 Steel
Brand: Radical Firearms
Caliber Gauge: 5.56 NATO
Carrier Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
Carrier Material: 8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier Style: M16 Bolt Carrier
High Pressure Tested: Untested
Magnetic Particle Inspect: Magnetic Particle Inspected
Platform: AR-15
Item Nr.: 145-RF00740


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