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RWS Sample Pack
RWS RWS Sample Pack
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World-class performance with the perfect ammunition
From training sessions to winning Olympic titles or hunting, RWS has a product to suit every purpose.
We made up bricks of 5 different boxes offered by RWS for you to sample including R-50 and R-100
You get 100 rounds of each of the following:
Club: The entrance to the world of RWS precision ammunition. 
Semi Auto: A cartridge with absolutely reliable feeding and function, consistent performance and good precision.
Target Rifle: Unrivalled characteristics as the universal cartridge for long guns.
R-50: Choice of numerous Olympic champions and world record holders
R-100: The preferred cartridge of internationally successful sport shooters. 
Thats 500 rounds of Premium Match grade ammo!
Item Nr.: 205-RWS10PAK
PAL Required – Requires a valid PAL to purchase.
Export-Restricted – Cannot ship outside of Canada.
Please note, ammunition cannot be shipped via Canada Post and will be shipped via UPS Ground!Ammunition purchases may be subject to an additional shipping surcharge.

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