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P.R.S.T. BH1 Ball Head c/w QR Clamp and Plate
Mission Critical Designs P.R.S.T. BH1 Ball Head c/w QR Clamp and Plate
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New, Updated design!
The P.R.S.T™ 1″ Ball head is our lightweight and minimalist solution  to accompany our Tripod. We landed on this lightweight design in order to find a compromise between no ball head or a high-end ball head, which normally cost four times more. In every design process you end up in a give and take situation. On the BH 1 we sacrificed a litte smoothnes of operation, in order to save roughly the weight of a 30 round 5.56 round magazine. In our Scout/sniper world every ounce counts!
The latest generation of P.R.S.T. BH1 ballhead comes with an Arca Swiss compatable quick release clamp with levels. Also included is a quick release plate to attach to your saddle or spotting scope.
The BH 1 is treated with Cerakote™ to minimize the contours and, even if it’s light and small our, tests show that it can handle the weight, and recoil of the Barrett M82 .50 caliber with ease.
Weight: 13.4 oz / 381 grams
Height: 3.6in / 9.2 cm
Load rating: 40 lbs /20 Kg
Item Nr.: 311-MCD-BH1
NOTE: Photos show QR Plate mounted on a Hog Saddle and the ballhead mounted on a P.R.S.T. Tripod for reference. Hog Saddle and Tripod not included with ball head.

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