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Magazine Clamp For Remington (12-GA)
Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp For Remington (12-GA)
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Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamps provide mount points for Picatinny rails, weapon lights and sling attachments near the muzzle of a tactical shotgun. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality processes and materials, and should provide many years of reliable service. The Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp can be used to more securely retain magazine extensions, while at the same time offering flexible accessory mounting options near the shotgun muzzle. All magazine clamps include an optional push-button quick release sling swivel, and clamps are also available with a short MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail that can accept standard weapon light mounts.
The magazine clamp can also be used to mount one inch diameter weapon lights simply by clamping one side to the shotgun barrel and the other side to the light body (this will only work with shotguns equipped with ghost rings as the clamp will obscure a bead sight).
Item Nr.: 405-90800

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