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Silky Gomboy Curve Professional 240 (Medium/Large Teeth)
Silky Silky Gomboy Curve Professional 240 (Medium/Large Teeth)
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One awesome saw from Silky!
This folding saw with curved blade is ideal for pruning, camping, or hunting.
Technical Specs
Blade length: 240mm (9.5 in)
Teeth per inch: 6.8
Authentic premium Japanese steel
Custom carrying case included
Micro patterned no-slip handle
Two cutting positions
Mirai-Me: the blade has 4 cutting angles along its length; it leaves a smooth surface after cutting, and and rip-cut, cross-cut, or slant-cut
Non-Set teeth: the blade is taper ground to reduce resistance, giving smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance
Impulse-hardened: The teeth of the blades are heated instantly and hardened, staying sharp about 3X longer than non-hardened teeth
Hard chrome plating: exceedingly high durable surface, resistant to rust and the effects of resin

Item Nr.: 976-SI-717-24

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