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GRS Sporter Anschutz 1771
GRS GRS Sporter Anschutz 1771
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Hand made by Hunters for hunters in Hornindal Norway.
The best ergonomic stock in the business. A full and lowered forend provides a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position. The grip has a 6 degree angle to the side to aid the shooter to an ergonomically correct position.
The GRS Sporter and Hunter models are, pretty similar, but the Sporter is better if you hunt with bipods. The reason for this is because the forend is broader, and the rear stock has a cut-out, which makes it better to use when shooting in a prone position.
The cheek piece and the recoil pad can be easily adjusted with pushbuttons with the new and updated SpeedLock system. The new system is 40% stronger than the previous version and now stops on maximum adjustment. The SpeedLock system allows you to quickly adjust the length and height of the stock between shooting positions; no tools needed! At the lowest cheek piece position any bolt can be pulled from any system
GRS Sporter is perfect for: Those who want the perfect stock for hunting with bipods.
Oiled finish
0.5" GRS Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad
Birch Laminate
GRS SpeedLock adjustment
LOP 33.5 - 36.5 cm
Total length 76 cm
Fore end width 53 mm
30 mm adjustment LOP and cheekpiece
Weight 1380 grams (+ - 10% depending on weapon inlet)
Glass bedding recommended
Same price for RH and LH stocks!
Available in 8 colours
Varmint barrel contour
This stock will fit the Anschutz 1771 barreled action.
Please select color above.
Item Nr.: 780-1771SPORTER

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