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Early Vinyl-Acetate coated Aluminum C8 Buttstock.
Diemaco Early Vinyl-Acetate coated Aluminum C8 Buttstock.
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Colt retro Vinyl-Acetate coated complete CAR carbine collapsible buttstock.
Aluminum stock body coated with Vinyl-Acetate, all original Colt and complete take-off CAR buttstock assembly. 
As these are surplus parts, we have opted to grade them. Please select the grade you want.
Grade 1 - Mint or near mint. May show slight scratches but overall new condition. $449.95
Grade 2 - Not so mint. Wear or scratches, possible small gouge trough paint.Paint worn on edge of butt $389.95
Grade 3 - Worn, Scratches, wear on buttplate, gouges trough paint, missing paint $269.95
Grade 4 - LAV III condition. sloshed around in the back of the LAV. Scratches, wear marks, gouge through paint,
                missing paint finish. Refinish recommended $139.95
Bare in mind they are surplus taken from C8 Uppers. All items are functional.
Item Nr.: 123-C8MetalB
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