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Contessa 11mm Anschutz Picatinny Rail
Contessa Contessa 11mm Anschutz Picatinny Rail
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This Hardened Steel Picatinny Rail is precision made by Contessa Alessandro & C. s.n.c. The part is precision made to fit the rifle with exact precision. Anschutz 54 have an 11.26mm Dovetail with a radius top action. This rail slides onto the rifle, then the large fixing lugs screw down and fix the rail into place. The fixing lug works by pulling the rail up into the dovetail and it aligns perfectly center with the rifle.
Model Fit:
Anschutz 54 Actions
1727 11mm Dove Tail Blocks
These will also fit Match 64 receiver dovetails..
Rail Length: - 144mm
Height (BH) - 8mm
Weight: - 146g
Material: - Steel
Code Ref: PH29-0
Contents Supplied:
- 1x Steel Rail,
- 1x Wrench
Item Nr.: 325-PH29


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