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Classic Sweater
Kurt Thune Classic Sweater
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Anatomically cut for shooting positions, without any interfering seams. The chest, front of sleeves and armpits are made of elastic material to avoid folds under butt plate or shooting sling. Thin material inside the elbows provides comfort in standing. The back is perforated for improved ventilation and extra long to protect the lower back in kneeling. The elbow pads are knitted into the sleeves without any seams. The double slide zipper opens from both top and bottom for comfort in kneeling.
The high quality cotton is skin-friendly. The synthetic material helps the transport of
moisture away from the body.
Color...Blue/Grey Black only at this time.
Material: 50% cotton, 50% Polyacryl
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Item Nr.: 725-KT-SW
Please note:
Picture shows Classic worn over ColdWinner Top (not included!)
SWEATER THICKNESS AND ISSF RULES: Due to the elbow pad area of the sweater being about 2.2 mm thick, this means that it is NOT legal to use The Classic over the ColdWinner top when shooting under ISSF rules. ISSF rule stipulates that the maximum permitted thickness of shooting underwear is 2.5 mm.  CLASSIC + COLDWINNER thickness is about: 2.2 + 2.2 = 4.4 mm in the elbow area.
You have to use a thin shirt under the Sweater and check the total underwear thickness in the elbow area. Of course this does not apply if your not competing under ISSF rules.

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