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Carbon Barrel Tuner - Custom Size
Starik Carbon Barrel Tuner - Custom Size
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Starik can produce the perfect custom tuner for any rimfire barrel or rifle manufacturer. In order to produce the tube for your barrel, 2 measurements are required: Exact barrel diameter at the muzzle, and exact barrel length.
To determine your exact barrel measurements please follow the following procedure:
  • Make sure your rifle is safe.
  • Insert an empty shell to the chamber and close the bolt.
  • Insert a cleaning rod from the muzzle end until it stops.
  • Mark the rod right at the muzzle.
  • Take the rod out and measure it from the end till the mark.
  • That’s your exact barrel length.
  • Measure your barrel diameter at the muzzle with a digital caliber.
Note these measurements in the comments section during yor check out and we will have a custom
tuner created just for you. Delivery of some standard sizes is very quick if your barrel is a standard factory barrel. Custom sizes delivered in approximately 3-5 weeks, depending on how many other orders are pending.
No returns or exchanges on custom barrel tubes.
Item Nr.: 505-STcustom

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