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Area 419 Stackable Drop Tube 3 Inch
Area 419 Area 419 Stackable Drop Tube 3 Inch
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Powder drop tubes are used when trying to fill cases beyond what is normally achievable with extruded powders.  The longer drop combined with relatively small internal bore allows the kernels of powder to fill the case more fully.
  • Tubes are for use only with the Area 419 Interchangeable head powder funnel system
  • 3″ Long
  • Can be attached together to form any multiple of 3″ length
  • Caliber specific heads attach to the end of the drop tube
  • Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Type II Anodized

Item Nr.: 419-FN-DROP

Note: Funnel and heads shown in photos are not included. This is just the extension.


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