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ADCO Target Pistol Mag Loader STSW
ADCO ADCO Target Pistol Mag Loader STSW
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Although STJR  covered a lot of target pistols, there were a couple that were not covered that we though should be. Those being the Smith & Wesson model 41 and the Walther GSP target pistols. These models have a little tab that can be a bother while reloading the magazine and this tool has a little tab that will more comfortably allow you to replace .22 cartridges in the magazine.

The ADCO STSW loader has a tab in the tool cavity which aligns with the tab protruding from the side of your mag to allow quick and simple mag loading!

Item Nr.: 785-STSW

Fits mags such as the S&W Model 41 Victory and the Walther GSP

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