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ADCO Target Pistol Magazine Loader
ADCO ADCO Target Pistol Magazine Loader
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The STJR is simply a means of holding the often difficult button on the side while loading your magazine during matches. The last thing you need is the nuicence of hurt or bleading fingers during a competition not to mention broken finger nails. The Super Thumb Junior holds the button down comfortably while you are enjoying your sport either at a match or at practice. This model fits, Browning, Colt, High Standard, Ruger, and S&W 22A target pistols. 
Quick and easy to use, simply slide it over your mag and it will assist in sliding the spring button down to the bottom.
Item Nr.: 785-STJR
Fits magazines such as

Ruger, Colt, Browning, High Standard and S&W Mod. 22A/S type magazines

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