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Carbon Barrel Tuner - Anschutz Match 54.30
Starik Carbon Barrel Tuner - Anschutz Match 54.30
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We stock both the short and long tubes for Anschutz rifles.
"Starik carbon-tube" is a new barrel-tube for sporting rifles, developed from many years, int. successful Olympians, European Champion and multiple World Cup winner from Israel, Guy Starik!

The new carbon tube have some very innovative features:

  • The tube including the tuner weights about 220gr. So 3p shooters have no problem dealing with the weight in front of the muzzle.
  • The tube has a tuner in order to tune the rifle for "positive compensation" in order to avoid vertical groups.
  • The clamp on the barrel is very short(25mm),in order to have the chock the tube has on the barrel,right at the muzzle. It improves accuracy.
  • The tube length is calculated by the barrel length using odd harmonies. There are 2 length of tubes: about 19cm,and about 32cm,depending on the barrel length and shooter preference for sight placement.
For cleaning, we recommend after 500-750 shots with a plastic brush to brush out. The easiest way is when the powder is dried (not directly after shooting)
Item Nr.: 505-S650239A Short
                  505-L650239A Long 
Fits Anschutz 54.30 models
Barrel Length 650mm
Barrel Diameter 239mm

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