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2013 Benchrest BR-50 Walnut
Anschutz 2013 Benchrest BR-50 Walnut
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The 2013 Series of rifles is a ground-breaking design that remains one of the most advanced factory rimfire rifles ever built. The Anschutz 2013 is most commonly seen at the very top-level of Olympic position shooting events all across the globe.   Anschutz has been in the industry for over 150 years and well established as the premier Olympic rifle manufacturer.
Enter the BR-50 Brenchrest:
Benchrest shooting is a discipline in which an extremely high precision is decisive. During shooting the rifle is put on a bench and a rest. The shooting results are not indicated as usual in rings but in a covering circle which shows the diameter of a five-shot group.
This kind of sport requests extremely high demands to the rifle - high stability, tight bedding of the barreled action and a barrel with excellent quality, even when getting hot. That‘s the reason why the name ANSCHÜTZ has an outstanding international reputation in this discipline. 
The model 2013A Benchrest small bore target rifle in  BR-50 stock: Anschütz especially developed this model for Benchrest. Compact connection between the barreled action and stock, heavy rectangular receiver attached with 4 bedding bolts. The accuracy of the barreled action and extremely short lock time within a range of milliseconds offer the best combination for success. 
Technical Data
Name: 2013/690A BENCHREST in stock BR-50 Walnut
Item No.: 011783
Total length (cm) 116
Weight approx. (kg): 5.1
Name: 5018
Item No.: 001205
Model number: 5018
Type: Two stage trigger
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 23.5
min. Trigger weight (g): 60
max. Trigger weight (g): 490
Cant of the trigger shoe: 11
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 125
Barreled Action
Name: 2013/690
Item No.: 000028
Barrel: ANSCHÜTZ Precision barrel (heavy)
Caliber: .22 l.r.
Version: right
Rifling (cm): 69
Rifling length (mm): 420
Number of discharges: 8
Barrel length (cm): 69
Length of aiming (cm): 81 - 84
Length of barreled action (cm): 86.5
Name: BR50-U1
Item No.: 001328
Material: Walnut
Color: natural
Butt plate: Rubber butt plate 4709A
min. Length of pull (cm): 33.5
max. Length of pull (cm): 35.8
Total length (cm) 75.5
Forestock width: (cm) 7 / 2.75 Inch
Included with rifle:
Screwdriver, allen key, manual and original test target.
Item Nr.: 100-011783

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