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ahg SafePack
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The simple and safe method to store, transport and use your open tins of pellets! Total protection for a 500 round tin of pellets. No more pellets rolling around in a partially used tin!

The SafePack protects your ammunition in its original box from degradation especially after the box is no longer full.
The absorbing foamed material prevent the pellets from moving around as if the box was still full. Quality of the 
Ammunition remains steady until the last shot.
Even if the box falls on the ground – no problem. The SafePack absorbs the impact by an all-around protection with
Special foamed material. The screw-on lid protects against an accidental opening of the box and a scattering of the 
pellets in your bag.
And this is how you do it:
  • Unscrew SafePack lid
  • Remove the absorber
  • Insert box with 500 rds without the lid and push downwards on the edge
  • Insert absorber back in place (foamed material downwards)
  • Place SafePack lid back on evenly and screw on

A small investment for that perfect 10.9 shot after shot!

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