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Weapon Mat Long - FELT
VFG Weapon Care Weapon Mat Long - FELT
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Thorough cleaning of weapons means that they must be partially or completely dismantled. VFG weapon mats are ideal for ensuring that no damage or scratching can occur to the individual parts. They also protect the undersurface (e.g. table) from soiling or oil.

The felt is acid-free (which is not the case with every textile mat) and also highly absorptive in case a drop of oil should go astray. After use, the mat can be rolled up small, so when stored takes up only little space. And if the mat should become too dirty and oily, it can be safely washed in lukewarm soapy water.
VFG Weapon mat long
dimension: 1000 mm x 300 mm x 6 mm
Item Nr.: VFG 66958-529

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