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VX-3i 3.5-10X40mm CDS - Windplex
Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10X40mm CDS - Windplex
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Manage the light to dominate in the field. The VX-3i is the scope that will have you hunting earlier and hunting longer than ever, all thanks to its Twilight Max Light Management System. Light management, simply put, is a triad of performance; all three elements must be managed perfectly to let you see deeper into the shadows than ever before.
 Effective Light Transmission: Most scopes only focus on transmitting high percentages of midday light. The VX-3i gives you maximum transmission of the entire visible spectrum. Why does this matter? The human eye is most sensitive to colors outside the middle of the spectrum during dawn and dusk, when game is moving.
 Glare Reduction: Stray light in a scope can increase overall light transmission percentages, but actually degrades your sight picture. The VX-3i has edge blackened lenses and internal structures to strip out glare, transmitting the maximum amount of usable light to your eye.
 Contrast and Resolution: Resolution of low contrast targets (like tines in heavy timber) is key. Leupold’s proprietary lens coatings and superior optical design push the VX-3i’s contrast and resolution to the absolute limits of performance.
 Dual Spring Precision Adjustments perform with match grade precision. The easy turn power selector can be quickly turned, even with gloves on while watertight seals ensure fog free performance for a lifetime.
Twilight Max Light Management System 
Balanced colors to develop the highest possible contrast 
Glare is controlled with special mechanical structures 
Edge Blackened Lenses 
Easy Turn Power Selector 
Diamondcoat 2 Lens Exterior Coatings 
2nd Generation Argon Crypton Gas Waterproofing 
Dual Spring Precision Adjustments 
Lockable Fast-Focus Eyepiece 
Leupold Scope Cover 
CDS Custom Dial System
Technical Specs:
Actual Magnification: Low: 3.30 x | High: 9.70 x 
Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd): Low: 29.80 ft | High: 11.00 ft 
Linear Field of View (m/100 m): Low: 9.90 m | High: 3.70 m 
Eye Relief (in): Low: 4.40 in | High: 3.60 in 
Eye Relief (mm): Low: 112.00 mm | High: 91.00 mm 
Weight (oz): 13.10 oz 
Weight (g): 371.00 g 
Objective Clear Aperture (in): 1.60 in 
Objective Clear Aperture (mm): 40.00 mm 
Elevation Adjustment Range: 52.00 moa 
Windage Adjustment Range: 52.00 moa 
Length: 12.60 in 
Tube Length: 6.00 in 
Eyepiece Length: 3.10 in 
Objective Length: 3.60 in 
Objective Diameter: 1.80 in 
Eyepiece Diameter: 1.60 in 
Tube Diameter: 1.0 in
Item Nr.: L170682

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