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VORTEX® Flash Eliminator 9mm
Smith Enterprise VORTEX® Flash Eliminator 9mm
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Vortex A3 Sound Suppressor Capable Flash Eliminator with 10° Pitch and Helical Grooves 
Especially designed to make the SEI Sound Suppressor easier to remove, featuring a shallower pitch and grooves to reduce surface contact and carbon buildup. Heat treated same as all other Vortex's. 1/2 x 36 I.D. thread. 
Caliber: 9mm
Item Nr.: SEI-1007V-A3
Installation Notes:
Due to the unique design of the VORTEX® Flash Eliminator, they do not require indexing or shims/crush washer during installation. Simply remove your old muzzel brake and old shims or crush washer, and install your new VORTEX®. Hand tighten only!
These will actually tighten as the rifle is fired. It may be a good idea actually to put some anti-seize compound on your threads to ease removal.

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