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VORTEX® Flash Eliminator .30cal/6.8mm SPC
Smith Enterprise VORTEX® Flash Eliminator .30cal/6.8mm SPC
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World’s best flash suppressor available for the Noveske and similar semiauto weapons systems, as well as bolt action rifles, including the Savage 110 FCP. Ideal for 6.8mm SPC applications or up to .30 Cal. Heat treated 8620 CM steel. Also fits DPMS Panther™ and Noveske. 
Threaded 5/8”x 24 x .635±” thread depth. 
SPECS: 8620 steel, heat-treated, RC 36-38 internal-- RC 58-60 external, black parkerized per
MIL SPEC. 5/8” x 24 TPI x .730” depth of thread. Major diameter .905” x 3.00” long. Minor
diameter .860” x 2.480” long. OAL 3.003”. 0.28 lbs. wt.
Item Nr.: 440-1000V-635

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