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Trigger Blade SENSIVE
ahg Anschutz Trigger Blade SENSIVE
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Trigger Shoe SENSIVE sets new standards in regard to trigger blades.
Two patented ball-joints enable the trigger blade to be adjusted infinitely in all directions.
The actual trigger blade can be put in every position imaginable by TWO ball-joints in order
to achieve the best grip and feeling for the shooter. This is required for tension-free handling.
Both turning points are supported by a ingenious threaded cocking pin.
The trigger blade with integrated grip has the ergonomic form of the trigger finger, enabling
the shooter to find the exact same position of the finger again for each shot without any help.
Fastening of the trigger shoe SENSIVE is done by rails, which permits the use of ONE trigger for all firearm brands.
Availble in Black, Blue and Green
Item Nr.: 9714-3 blue
               9714-5 green
               9714-7 black 

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