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Stenvaag Strong Boots
ahg Anschutz Stenvaag Strong Boots
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ahg-Shooting Boots STENVAAG STRONG 
  • Comfortable, tight lacing prevents pressure in kneeling position and adjusts immediately to any foot form.
  • Thermoplastic material in the complete heel, outer and inner foot area provides an improved side stability .
  • Newly revised inner shoe for more comfortable standing.
  • Thickness of sole reduced by 3 mm (now 18 mm).
  • Well padded tongues made of perforated material avoid pressure and guarantee a perfect air circulation.
  • Perforation holes in the outer shaft plus porous padding foames allow comforting air circulation.
  • The toe top is made of soft, elastic rubber with a strong grip in order to fix the position of the boot in the kneeling position.
  • Velcro closure to ensure a snug fit.
  • The new system offers a pressure-free fixation of the foot without obstructing blood circulation. The twopiece, non-flexible nylon string makes a perfect fit, the padding prevents pressure build-up. Being an integral part of the shaft and furnished with an inner and outer set of hooks this system provides a two-layer lacing. The deeper hook which is connected to the Digafixsystem improves also the sitting position of the heels.
  • Toe- and heel-cap are made of extremely stiff thermoplastic material.
  • Grip Control supports the hold while in kneeling position

Available in sizes: From 35 to 49 (2 1/2 to 13). 
Material: leather. 
Sole: ndia rubber

Made after the latest ISSF rule starting from 1.1.2013

Item Nr.: 101-135

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