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Standard Weight 18” Barrel, M14 DMR
Smith Enterprise Standard Weight 18” Barrel, M14 DMR
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1:10” twist, 4 grooves. Made from 4140 chrome-moly and stress relived, with MIL-STD 171 magnesium phosphate finish.
This is a great replacement for Scout rifles, a Scout-type gun build, or MK14 Navy, M39EMR/USMC weapon. Very accurate out to 900+ yards with good grade of ammo such as M118LR or U.S.N. MK316 ammo.
The SEI P/N 2013 GLFS-D-18 gas lock, made from fatigue proof steel, has the correct deck height that allows the use of a standard USGI front sight, or one of our bar stock sights (shown below): P/N 2055 USGI replacement, P/N 2004 National Match with .062” blade, P/N 2018 Tritium Bar Stripe, or P/N2019 Tritium Dot.
NOTE: see note below about installation, headspacing, and heat treatment.
Barrel Weight: 1.82 LBS 
Item Nr.: SEI-2027
Regarding SEI barrel purchases
SEI barrels are short chambered! SEI recommends for barrel installation you use the services of a
QUALIFIED GUN SMITH – all our M14 barrels are short chambered, and require fitting to the receiver.
SEI uses a special-made Manson M118LR reamer, that allows accurate headspace for M118LR 175 gr. through M80 ball ammo. SEI barrels are not hard chromed in the bore!


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