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1 Piece Cleaning Rod, cal.177 / 4-4.5 mm
VFG Weapon Care 1 Piece Cleaning Rod, cal.177 / 4-4.5 mm
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The VFG cleaning rods for rifles consist of a hardened stainless steel rod and a handle of indestructible polyamide. The shape of the handle is designed to lie comfortably in the hand, while the surface is roughened to give a firm grip.
Two maintenance-free ball bearings ensure that even under heavy push or pulling force and irrespective of climatic influences, the rod will always easily follow the twist of the rifling.
For long rifles Art. 66801=740 mm wipe length.
Maintenance free ball bearings in the handle ensure that the felt cleaner screwed onto the adaptor can follow the rifling (and not, as might happen with cheap rods having rigidly fixed handles, unscrew itself by following the rifling twist).
VFG-CLEANING ROD in one piece cal.177 4-4.5mm
Cleaning length 740 mm
Outer thread 1/8"
The 4-4.5mm Rod is recommended for the following calibres: 4 mm M 20, 4 mm Randzünder, .17 Rem
Additional shipping charge of $10 on this item due to length 
Item Nr.: VFG 66801

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