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1 Piece Cleaning Rod, cal .22 lr - 6,5 mm
VFG Weapon Care 1 Piece Cleaning Rod, cal .22 lr - 6,5 mm
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The VFG cleaning rods for rifles consist of a hardened stainless steel rod and a handle of indestructible polyamide. They are available as three- or four-part variants, each in small diameter (calibre .22 - 6.5 mm) and large diameter (calibre 7 mm and greater). The shape of the handle is designed to lie comfortably in the hand, while the surface is roughened to give a firm grip.

Two maintenance-free ball bearings ensure that even under heavy push or pulling force and irrespective of climatic influences, the rod will always easily follow the twist of the rifling.

VFG-CLEANING ROD in one piece cal. .22 l.r. - 6,5 mm.
Cleaning length 900 mm
Outer thread 1/8"
The .22 - 6.5mm Rod is recommended for the following calibres: .22 lfb, .22 kurz, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem. .224, 5,6., .243 Win., 6,35 mm, .264 Win. Mag., 25 – 06, .257 Roberts
Item Nr.: VFG 66889-530
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