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Sight 1.8 Twin
MEC-Centra Sight 1.8 Twin
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Iris aperture with a 10 color filter designed for shooting indoors and out (Indoor-Outdoor combination)
- Filter colors: light gray, gray, dark gray, C41 blue, C41 UV yellow, green, orange, brown and C41Peach
- Meeting the demands of an optimal adjustment range from 0,8 - 1,8 mm
- More exact contour of the optical center
- NEW types of color filters - clear contrast improvement
- Precision iris with 15 discs
- Interchangeable sight covers
- Insertable filter
- Polished colored glass filters
- Individual color filter variety available upon request
- Improved handling due to NEW designed color & polarization filter control rings
- Integrated clamp element for covering the eye
- Thread: M 9,5 x 1
- Colors can differ from the picture 
Item Nr.: 310-19201002s

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