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Sight 1.8 Super AR I
MEC-Centra Sight 1.8 Super AR I
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The demands on shooters and equipment are getting tougher and tougher. In the world cup, disciplines such as air rigle and 60 prone have been switched to decimal scoring. In fact, in supported shooting, more and more shooters are reaching the maximum score. In the end, every decimal point counts!

Of all the various elements in shooting technique, aiming is one of the most elementary and yet also most sensitive aspects of the sport and makes the difference between a good and less than good score.

Our range of Sight 1.8 Super AR iris aperatures takes sight technology to a whole new level. The iris is our tried-and-tested cutting-edge precision iris with 15 discs. It ensures a perfectly circular aperature across the entire adjustment range.

However, we have achieved a clear improvement in filters. Filter lenses are used to absorb harmful UV light and minimise disruptive light in the visible wavelength spectrum. Because the eye is most responsive to wavelenghts around 550nm, this range is filtered out as little as possible. All the filters we are usingat present ar UV-400 filters designed to eliminate the UV radiation that is preceived as glare.Another important quality improvement is the Super Anit-Reflection Coating "AR with clean coat". This treatment improves light transmission significantly by up to 8 percent and prevents troublesome relections.

The thread connection for the rearsight is made of steel and is interchangeable. For example, when using appropriate adaptors, the monocle can be fastened directly to the iris aperature or an additional rearsight optical system can be adapted. Made for shooters who want the best!

Details of the 1.8 Super AR I

- Iris aperture with integrated 5-colour filter
- Filter colours: ace amethyst, light grey, grey, yellow, peach
- UV-400 filter coating
- Super anti-reflection coating on filter
- Interchangeable steel thread adapter
- Colour: gunmetal / black
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