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Side shift for sight set (master eye)
ahg Anschutz Side shift for sight set (master eye)
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Better vision with the other eye.
Many (senior) people have different vision in each eye, nevertheless, our brain equalizes 
this difference.
If, in the worst case, a shooter is right handed but has better vision with the left eye, the newly developed ahg-side mount equalizes this disadvantage. This side mount sight set allows aiming with the left eye for right hand shooters or the right eye for left hand shooters 
while the rear sight remains on the original prism of the rifle. 
For transport in the rifle case, the complete diopter can be detached or only the side mount part. The side mount and the 2-part adapter screw have a toothed profile and an adjustment pin. The position of the side mount can be fixed repeatedly with a clamping screw. The rear sight may remain mounted on the rifle.
Availible in M18 and M22 sizes, please select size from drop down menu above.
Item Nr.:1015 incl. M 18 front sight, fits all common Match rifles
Item Nr.:1016 incl. M 22 front sight, fits all common Match rifles

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