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SK Z Reduced Charge
SK Munition SK Z Reduced Charge
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SK rimfire ammunition is manufactured to strict tolerances. Each individual cartridge is inspected at the factory and fifty cartridges from each batch are tested to make sure that the highest quality rimfire ammunition is reaching the consumer.
Reliable German-made rounds with reduced gas pressure for shorter-distance shooting. 28 Grain (1.8-gram) lead round nose bullet. Muzzle velocity: 850 f.p.s. Muzzle energy: 64 ft.-lbs.
Sold in lots of 500 rounds (Brick)
Item Nr. SK-420109
PAL Required – Requires a valid PAL to purchase.
Export-Restricted – Cannot ship outside of Canada.
Please note, ammunition cannot be shipped via Canada Post and will be shipped via UPS Ground! Ammunition purchases may be subject to an additional shipping surcharge.


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