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Tripod SE, Fibreglass
Kurt Thune Tripod SE, Fibreglass
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Kurt Thune SE model rifle rest! Simply the best. Made of fibreglass sections, machined aluminiun base and molded polycarbonate trays combines to make a lightweight solid stand that will take years of use!

- Asymmetrical base is designed so that the shooter can place the feet very close to the Rifle Stand, only a minimum of movement is needed to move the rifle into the firing position. Also allow you to position yourself close to the firing line. Base legs are machined aluminum with drilled holes to reduce weight.

- Intelligent ammo tray: On one side are holders for 2 x 50 small-bore cartridges, on the other side there are locations for airgun pellets – either a metal tin of 500 or a match box – and there are holders for screwdrivers etc.

- Very stable. 

- Total maximum height 150 cm.

- Quick to setup, under 15 sec time needed.

- Easy to transport. The feet can be folded in and telescopic fibreglass tubes slide inside each other.

- Extremely low weight, 1.4 kg!

- Supplied with a carry case.

Item Nr.: KT-RR01

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