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Quick Cleaning Felts 4-4,5mm - Qty 100
VFG Weapon Care Quick Cleaning Felts 4-4,5mm - Qty 100
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These felts will not damage the inside of the barrel like a regular brush would do. This is the safest and quickest cleaning product around, with no dangerous chemical You can ''shoot'' them just like a pellets.
VFG quick cleaning pellets for air guns and air pistols are available for cal. 4.5/.177, cal. .20, cal. 5.5/.22 and cal. .25. The quick cleaning pellets can be used for cleaning and also degreasing the weapon. To oil the inside of the barrel, the pellet should be soaked first in a good gun oil.
Item Nr.: VFG 66792-514 - Cal. 4,5 mm , 100 pcs

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