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Precise Cheek Rest for Air Rifles
Anschutz Precise Cheek Rest for Air Rifles
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  • Adjustable in height without thread.
  • Easy and quick adjustment options.
  • Optimum repositioning of adjustment due the scales.
  • Lightweight and high strength aluminum construction.
  • Ergonomical cheek pieace made out of PVC.
  • Cheek piece adjustbale in all directions.
  • Fine adjustment of the height.
Technical Data: 
Material: Alminum
Color: silver/black
Length (mm): 165
Width (mm): 57
Height (mm): 107
Weight (g): 285
Rotation (degree): 27
Fine adjustment height (mm): 5
Fine adjustment Side (mm): 16
Adjustment forward - backward (mm): 41
Rough adjustment (mm): 40
Item No.: 011794

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