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Mechanical Trigger
ahg Anschutz Mechanical Trigger
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Mechanical Trigger Shoe from ahg-Anschutz.
Have a single stage trigger and want to upgrade to a 2 stage? This trigger blade is designed to be used with a single stage triger, this mechanical trigger shoe provides a first stage - keeping the benefits of a single stage trigger mechanism while maintaining a traditional two stage approach.
The weight of first stage is adjustable (screw 1) to 10 and 70 grams.
The first stage distance is individually adjustable (screw 2). 
The contact surface is adjustable in height (screw 3).
The trigger shoe is adjustable sidewise (screw 4) and turnable (screw 5).
An ideal adjustment which guarantees a safe and clean pull of the trigger.
Item Nr.: 101-9718

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