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M5 Hex 1700 Series, 54 Action Screw Set
Anschutz M5 Hex 1700 Series, 54 Action Screw Set
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At last a factory replacement M5 Hex Head bedding bolt for the Match 54 & 1700 Series Rifles.
Want to upgrade your new rifle or order one without the easily-ruined flat-head screws?  Now you can.  The hex head screw will allow precise torque settings and eliminate the chance of stock damage and fouled screw heads.  
This screw set fits Anschutz models 1710, 1710D, 1710ST, 1710HB, 1712D, 1712ST, 1714D, 1714ST, 1716D, 1716ST, 1717,1717D, 1717HB, 1717ST, 1732D, 1732ST, 1734D, 1734ST, 11736D, 1736ST, 1702. These models use the 54 action
These have the 5mm head and will require a metric wrench.  The factory metric wrench for the match rifles will work on these.
Sold as a set only.
Item Nr.: 014111

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