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M14 Gas Piston
Smith Enterprise M14 Gas Piston
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The SBR (Smith Battle Rifle) Gas Piston has been developed for the demands of 21st century warfare, and is superior to the issue versions.
Made from 440c cutlery grade stainless steel and stress relieved. OD grooves are fully radiused on the bottom (instead of square) to enhance cleaning and carbon removal. After heat treatment and through hardening to 58 HRc Rockwell, the pieces are ground to final dimensions, with a glass-like surface finish of 9 on the Profolomater, machined to tolerances of +/- .0005” (1/2 of 1000th of an inch). Final finishing includes surface hard chrome plating to .0005” depth, and heat treatment to our SOP to prevent chrome cracking and hydrogen embrittlement.
Developed for war fighters with the M14,EBR,EMR, etc., made to resist corrosion and excessive wear, the corners stay sharp where needed to minimize gas blow-by. When used with our M80HT gas cylinder, wear is kept to a minimum, and can withstand infrequent maintenance in the field. Accuracy will not be diminished and may improve as long as the barrel is in good condition.
Every M14 type weapon SEI builds is test fired at 100 yards, and they always take extra pistons with them just
in case. Over the past 20 years we have tried many types of plating and treatments, and always came
back to hard chrome. Keep in mind the bores of some types of military barrels (including the WW2
Japanese Arisaka) are hard chromed. Titanium Nitriding is good, but it has its place.
Item Nr.: 440-2075-SBR

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