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M-14 Tritium Close Combat Sight (TCCS)
Smith Enterprise M-14 Tritium Close Combat Sight (TCCS)
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M-14 Tritium Close Combat Sight (TCCS) 
Designed for use in close combat during limited visibility with MK14-type weapons. Not for use in high precision engagements. Genuine Trijicon self luminous vial in 4140 Chrome Moly Wire EDM front sight unit. 
The SEI M14 Tritium Close Combat Sight (TCCS) is designed specifically as a back up emergency iron
sight on MK14-type rifles in low light conditions at relatively close ranges. The TCCS is fitted with the
best tritium self-luminous vial available – a genuine Trijicon unit. This sight is not intended for
engagements where critical accuracy at extended ranges is required. The M14 TCCS is made by wire
Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) 4140 chrome moly steel for exceptionally long service life, unlike
competing units that are manufactured from mild cast steel or made from 12L14 screw stock. The dovetail
configuration will fit both USGI and aftermarket M14 flash hider bases or either of the SEI Gas Lock Front
Sight-Dovetail (GLFS-D) designs.
SPECS: Wire EDM machined 4140 steel, black phosphate finish, tritium vial diameter: 0.0874”.
Item Nr.: SEI-2019


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