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Lead Clean Cloth
Pro-Shot Lead Clean Cloth
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Lead Clean Cloth
8.75" x 11.25" - 98.4 Square Inches
  • Restores original luster, while removing leading, carbon residue, and tarnish.  
  • Cloth can be cut to size/patches for removing unwanted residue inside the chamber, cylinder, forcing cone, and the bore and choke area.
  • Good for use on stainless and nickel firearms, tools, and knives.
  • Simple and easy to use.  Simply remove the cloth, cut to desired size, and wipe the target areas of the object to see the tarnish and unwanted residue.
***Use on blued and/or case hardened surfaces can harm finish, therefore,
it is recommended to use our Metal Care Cloth for specialty finishes.***  
We also recommend the use of our Silicone Cloth after removing the unwanted residue and/or tarnish for protective purposes.
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