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LaserPower III Profi-Set
Anschutz LaserPower III Profi-Set
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Suitable for all age groups, safe LaserPower Shooting has become extraordinarily popular. Be it for training or for promotional or biathlon events of all kinds – the LaserPower rifle has a large number of fans.

LaserPower III Profi Level - Set complete
LaserPower III Biathlon:
Risk-free laser technology class 1.
Not restrictive with regard to firearm laws.
Suitable for all age groups.
For biathlon events.
As PR attraction for all kinds of shows 
and events.
Model Profi Level:
Ambidextrous stock (hardwood).
Weight approx. 4.0 lbs.
Easy to operate sight set.
Backend prepared for clamping element and aluminum carrier, therefore adjustable in length and possibility to attach various butt plates to carrier.
Incluided accessories:
LaserPower III rifle incl. 2 AAA batteries, rear sight, front sight, sight riser block, rubber butt plate, spacer 4709P, target box incl. 4 AA batteries, mains adapter 5V, IR remote control, target reducer, tool set and instruction leaflet.
Item No.: 100-013420
Technical Data
Name: LaserPower III Biathlon Profi Level - Set komplett
Item No.: 013420
Total length (cm) 93
Weight approx. (kg): 1.8
Name: LaserPower
Type: Single stage trigger
Barreled Action
Name: Lasertechnologie Klasse I
Barrel: Laser Lauf
Barrel length (cm): 50
Length of aiming (cm): 62
Length of barreled action (cm): 67
Name: LaserPower Profischaft
Material: Hardwood
Color: natural
Butt plate: Rubber butt plate 4709A
min. Length of pull (cm): 30
max. Length of pull (cm): 30
Total length (cm) 68


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