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Height Adjustable Front Sight with Snow Cap
Fortner Height Adjustable Front Sight with Snow Cap
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World Cup quality products designed by and manufactured by Peter Fortner in Germany !

Complete front sight assembly designed for the Anschütz Fortner. Outstanding design!

The robust two-sided toothed profile of the tower allows a simple and sturdy adjustment in 8 stages without spacers and discs.Can be raised in 1.5mm increments. This offers many advantages especially when in the standing or kneeling positions. Head movements when aiming are reduced to a minimum and this reduces tensions in the neck and back.

The design also incorporates large indents to allow for easy installation or removal of apertures as well as a slightly longer snow cap to make opening much easier.


Barrel Sleeve inner diameter: Ø19mm.
Weight:118 grams
These fit all Anschutz Biathlon rifles as well as Izhmash 7-2, 7-3, 7-4 barrels. If in doubt, please take a moment and measure the diameter of your barrel to ensure fit. They simply secure to your barrel by the two 4mm hex bolts on the bottom of the sight, the same as the original Anschutz front sight.  Easy to install.

Item Nr.: 1827F-KH


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