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KT HL Trousers
Kurt Thune KT HL Trousers
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The model HL is intended for developing shooters who need good support and an anatomical fit at a budget price. The HL is also suitable for serious recreational shooters and shooting clubs.
Despite the budget price the HL is produced in Finland and has the following advantages:
3-position design
Canvas lining in the torso section and the front of legs
The upper part is cut sufficiently high, with a waist belt to provide good support for the back in standing shooting position.
The upper part features a high waist, supporting and protecting the back in standing position. All models have long zippers in the back of both legs for comfort in kneeling. The zippers feature a double slide and can be opened from both the top & the bottom.
The fly is offset, and is closed with a velcro closure. There are no hooks which may break during a shooting match. The length of the fly opening can be selected from one of three different lengths by opening of one or two seams. This provides adjustability in standing and solve many kneeling position problems. If you need more space in the pants for kneeling position just open one or two of the seams – especially important if you have a wide leg position in kneeling.
All models are fitted with non-slip anatomically cut TOP GRIP pads. A 4mm pad on the left knee provides for a stable position of left elbow. On the right knee a 2mm pad plus a very high class foam (grey in the picture)
with closed cells under the Top Grip to protect the knee and give comfort against uneven floors.
There are no old-fashioned buttons for bracers which may press the stomach in prone or under the left elbow in standing: Instead smart, flat belt loops with metal rings for our 1-Shoulder Braces are fitted. To special
order we can stitch your name or other text on your pants, using letters cut from real leather.
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